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Advanced Robotic Fabrication

Phriends* for Shells

This work has started with the very quick edification of  bending branches and elastic fabric temporary form work. As a form finding experiment, the idea was to leave the branches bend the way they naturally do. The shells were scanned at different stages of the fabrication to allow Robot-Spraying trajectories fine tuning.

Concept Eco-Shell:

The Idea is to Design a Shell deformed from of Igloo shape Which is more

stable by its form. The Main concept is too adapt the properties of thermal

insulation in all weather condition.

The Deformed symmetrical structure will be a prototype.

•Adapting Vernacular material like Clay, Bamboo, Fiber.

•The Base Frame Structure are Created with sets of Ribbed Bamboo by

tensioning the different pieces and tied closely with thread to maintain

the load to transfer uniformly.

•A sheet of White Fabric which has more elasticity has laid on the frame

and stretched on all the sides of frame uniformly and stitched with silk thread

to make it more stable for mud layers on the top.

•Holes on the Fabric has punctured with thick frames. The Main idea the

holes is to get Lighting inside the shell and air circulation .

•By Using of Spraying Technics with Robotic fabrication process it will be

convenient, Faster, Easier and more precise to construct it. Even Robot can

be portable.

•The Deformed symmetrical shape derived can adapt any climatic condition.






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