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NAITIK SHAH, registered and practicing Architect, leads Skeuomorph Design Studio, a Surat, India-based studio is a collaborative, inter-disciplinary, specializing in fields of parametric tooling, digital fabrication, manufacturing and experience into a single system. Skeuomorph Design Studio represents a body of research that continues to advance new parametric spatial design and forms outcomes and implement complex technologies based on construction techniques in architecture and beyond.

Naitik Shah is an Architect and Computational Designer, specializing in fields of parametric tooling, digital fabrication, and manufacturing. Having close collaboration and work experience with specialists: Architects, Engineers, Artists, and Innovators in a creative capacity allows him to implement the digital robotic, physical, and design worlds in order to augment the human experience. He has learned various Design and analysis software and experimented in many fields including Building Performance analysis, virtual & augmented reality, interactive installations, 3D scanning, and parametric design. He is also currently working as a Visiting Faculty, a Mentor, and a Jury Panel for a couple of institutes in Surat, India. Alongside his practice and academic work, he is researching architectural sustainable material designs that aim to employ digital techniques of both design and fabrication to craft our environment.


He holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona. Throughout his professional and academic career, he has participated in numerous Seminars, Workshops, Competitions, and Travels 8 countries related to architecture and design, which has helped him gain a better understanding of the field. All of his experiences have been valuable, challenging, and rewarding, which are components he looks for in all of his endeavors. 


He truly passionate about Architecture which is related to people and he is so thankful he has found something he loves to do every day. He loves to hear different design views & suggestions and can be contacted via email.


Naitik Shah

Founder & director 

Architect | Computational Designer


B.Arch (sp. in Building Construction Technology)

Master In Advanced Architecture (Spain)

Research - Digital Matter: Intelligent 


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The responsibility and the quality of the design in their works.

I couldn’t ask for me better business to fulfill my needs!

I will recommend Naitik Shah and his team anytime to my family and friends. Naitik Shah is a true professional with exceptional knowledge!! Thank you for great work.

Great work at an affordable price keeps it up, Naitik Shah.

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